We are Hiring

We Are Hiring E-Book Writers For Long-Term Work

Dear Prospective Writer,

We are a professional writing service provider looking to expand our production to handle the growing demand for our content. Our area of expertise is mainly writing self help e-books on literally any topic you can imagine including but not limited to:


Weight Loss


Personal development



Alternative treatment

Health and fitness

And many others

We are looking for good ghostwriters who can write flawless content with no grammar mistakes, obvious typos and fillers. Our goal is to provide excellent content to our clients but in order to do that, we MUST keep our quality of work at its best. If you are a writer looking for regular bulk work on interesting topics that will help you learn a lot, we will be pleased to have you on our team. What we expect from you:

  1. You Must have good grammar and flawless content that engages the reader to keep reading
  2. Can write 100% original content (we use Copyscape to check for plagiarism)
  3. Can write a 5000 words book within 3 days
  4. You must be able to research content well and write books that help the reader and prompts them to take action
  5. You must be able to follow instructions as given and understand the audience for each book depending on the title of the book before writing.
  6. Must be willing to learn and edit work whenever necessary

If you think you have what it takes to be part of our team of, please apply by submitting a 1500 words sample on:

*How To Cure Sleep Apnea*

We won’t use your sample for anything else. You can sell it or publish it wherever you want but we need an original sample to determine your writing skills.

*Our Pay

Our pay rate ranges between $0.4/100 words to $0.7/100 words so for a 5000 words book, the pay will range between $20 and $35. We rate and pay writers based on their quality of work as follows:

2 Star: $0.4/100 words

3 Star: $0.5/100 words

4 Star: $0.6/100 words

5 Star: $0.7/100 words

6 Star: $0.85/100 words

7 Star: $1/100 words


We use the average rating of the last 5 projects to determine how much a writer earns for each project. 


If you haven’t written e-books before, you can also apply. But you need to have some prior writing experience. 

How to Apply:

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